Interpersonal attraction essays

Interpersonal Attraction

Gain Person is initially negative but then becomes positive. Interpersonal attraction variables essay. Animal experimentation research essay Animal experimentation research essay essay of african art prints. Physical attractiveness is one of the main factors of interpersonal attraction.

Negative Person is consistently negative towards you. People can either be liked or disliked according to whether they are associated with the positive Interpersonal attraction essays or the negative feelings.

This conclusion was further supported by research conducted by Festinger et alClarke and Saegart et al who all agreed that increased contact resulted in a higher level of regard.

Duckstates that there is, what he termed, a model of relational dissolution. People who have the tendency to have low self-esteem or are highly insecure concerning interpersonal relationships have a greater need for positive feedback from others around them, in order to form close interpersonal relationships.

We want these positive rewards to be reinforced hence the formation of a close relationship. Gleitman; Psychology, Third Edition; People with similar personalities are more likely to become involved in a relationship.

Gladiator remastered comparison essay Gladiator remastered comparison essay world war 1 essay dbq documents pynchon luddite essay writer brainy quotes heroism essay ordnerstruktur erstellen beispiel essay. The natural development of ideas about human interaction can identify ways to explore interpersonal attractions in the context of the communication of individuals in the group.

The equity theory proposed by Hatfield and Traupmann and Walster et al state that there is a high degree of selfishness involved. When they find that someone that they can match up to their ideals or qualifications then they determine how the relationship will move to the next level. Suggesting that the proximity of the graduate students had led them to develop an interpersonal relationship with each other.

However, it is important to immediately identify their place in the overall logic of social psychology. If a relationship is high in cost but low in reward we are less likely to form a close interpersonal relationship with that person as we are not maximising our benefit or rewards.

Interpersonal attraction - Essay Example

This was illustrated perfectly by the research carried out by Felipe and Sommerwhich however would now be considered as highly unethical method of research as all the participants were not aware of the research that they were taking part in. They found that females who judged other females as very attractive thought hem to be vain, materialistic, snobbish and not likely to be successfully married.

This kind of love often occurs in marriages in which passionate attraction between the partners has died down and has been replaced by a kind of committed friendship. This ambiguity of the term is particularly important to emphasize and keep in mind, when the attraction is investigated in the context of the third, perceptive, party of the communication process.

The people I see on Arcadia's college campus, I expect to be harmless and amenable for the reason of familiarity.

Interpersonal attraction - Essay Example

These positive feelings are also associated with the praise or rewards given. A further limitation of this theory is that people tend to look at the body weight of a person instead of focusing on just their waist to hip ratio as body weight is obviously a better indicator of how healthy a person appears.

For example, a love in which all three components were equally balanced would be represented using an equilateral triangle. Initiation of unilateral disengagement action.

In this study the participants chose partners that were of comparable attractiveness. For example, if someone has a romantic ideal of good looks and a sense of humor then they will try to look for these qualities in their partner.

Although communication is an essential key, the attraction plays a bigger role in a relationship. This theory was supported by the research of Veitch and GriffinRabbie and Horwitz I was curious as to what attracted to me to certain men and not others.

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He showed them colour slides of adult faces; one attractive, one unattractive, and found that they spent longer looking at the attractive ones. More essays like this: Ambivalence and repair scenarios.

They were also able to state what type of partner they wanted regarding attractiveness. Once in the course of dating, people start to sense an attraction, which leads to a relationship that eventually ends leads to a commitment if both parties involved share the same attraction and sense of companionship.Interpersonal Attraction Essay Sample What is interpersonal attraction?

Interpersonal attraction Essay Sample

“Interpersonal attraction refers to the positive feelings toward one another” (Weiten, ). Interpersonal attraction encompasses the ability to love, like, dislike and hate. These are universal imperatives, as most people desire relationships of some form, whether friendship or romance, whilst experiencing (a range of emotions) animosity and rivalry, all of which make interpersonal attraction a major topic within social psychology.

A summary of Attraction in 's Social Psychology. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Social Psychology and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.

Research Paper on Interpersonal Attraction

Interpersonal attraction is a human expression of strong fondness and attachment towards others. It characterizes the human need for others. It is the fulfillment of the desire for meaningful partnerships that makes people happy and feeling important.

Attraction is the first thing that people feel and the first reason that start off a relationship. Interpersonal Attraction Essay - Interpersonal Attraction Relationships with the individuals around us are key to ones social existence. Personal accounts by people who have been isolated from the outside world serve as a reminder of our dependence on others.

What draws us into these "relationships". Running Head: Interpersonal Attraction Interpersonal Attraction INTERPERSONAL ATTRACTION Introduction For many centuries until today, humans have remained curious in terms of knowing about the processes that result in attraction between two people, and therefore, one can come across a range of literature on different aspects .

Interpersonal attraction essays
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