How to write a good javascript library

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I guess there is no way that anyone can stop you from writing functionalities that are not there in the library.


Do not build for yourself or the browser — build for the next developer who takes over from you. RT which may or may not already existas RT.

Pitfalls to Avoid

One of the most common mistake is to read the length attribute of an array at every iteration: But other than packaged code, what is a library exactly? This means that JavaScript functions are just a special type of object that can do all the things that regular objects can do.

You can create the DOM nodes in the loop but avoid inserting them into the document. JavaScript libraries provide you with a predictable, functioning base line to build upon. You can also publish private packagesset up a private registry or completely avoid publishing at all.

I'm ready to accept the fact that JS is more flexible although sometimes this flexibility is a result of being incompletebut I would like to see how professional JS programmers code.

This is where all tests start: Build on the shoulders of giants There is no denying that over the last few years JavaScript libraries and frameworks have taken over the web development market. Please do share in the comments section below! So you might write something like this: This is neither effective nor fun.

Module Loader Compatibility You may or may not use a module loader. You can do that with inline HTML comments and then strip the comments out when you load the template.

Frameworks on the serverside I can get behind, but JS frameworks, best I can see is that if a client wants me to work with a JS framework the job takes longer and costs them more and fills my pockets even more. The only snag is to tell them which IDs are needed and if there are certain HTML constructs that need to be in the order you defined.

Some devices, such as mice and keyboards, allow configuration through an interface provided with or by the device. Since when did this need a framework? A cleaner way is to return the link and cover the extra cases in the main functions that need them.

To solve this, I am starting to put all the variables with getters and setters into a single object, eg. Because of the similar names, people confuse JavaScript with Java. Helping your users look smart and capable makes them feel awesome, which makes you look pretty awesome, too.

In JavaScript, functions are our de facto scope delimiters for declaring vars, which means that usual blocks from loops and conditionals such as if, for, while, switch and try DON'T delimit scope, unlike most other languages.

JavaScript best practices

Take the advice below to heart and keep it in a part of your brain that has a quick access route so you can apply it without thinking about it. Use shortcut notation when it makes sense Shortcut notation is a tricky subject: It is easier to wrap the whole thing in an anonymous function and protect the scope that way.

In order to write secure, working JavaScript we need to break this cycle and stop optimizing code for machines rather than other developers.I known from one of stackoverflows reply that if we want to write Cross Browser XPath queries then there is a library exist called Wicked XPath Query from Google.

Here is the link Wicked Good XPath. In this article, I will explain how libraries are built. Although most of the topics covered will apply to other languages, this article is mainly focused on building a JavaScript library. JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages.

Web pages are not the only place where JavaScript is used.

Harness your Python style to write good Javascript

Many desktop and server programs use JavaScript. is the best known. Some databases, like MongoDB and CouchDB, also use JavaScript as their programming language.

With that in mind, I decided to write a book that would cover some JavaScript best practices, introduce people to prototypes, object composition, and at least the basic concepts of functional.

While there are no quick shortcuts to good API design, it is possible to distill a handful of design principles that hold up when applied to some of the popular JavaScript libraries of today.

6 Reasons To Use JavaScript Libraries & Frameworks

API Design: A Struggle of Good vs. Evil. As you can see, we’re calling our library Dome, because it’s primarily a DOM library. Yes, it’s lame. We’ve got a couple of things going on here.

First, we have a function; it will eventually be a constructor function for the instances of our library; those objects will wrap our selected or created elements.

How to write a good javascript library
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