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But whenever a language dies, a bit of the world's culture, history and diversity dies with English the dominant language. It may result in more English loanwords, however "wellness", for example, is quite widely used in everyday spoken language, along with a number of other widespread loanwords.

On the whole the Brits do not complain. By way of an illustration, it would be likely to think that Latin could be the official language of England since its effectivity had been already proven in almost the entire world. Germans, Poles and Chinese Unite French-speakers are far from alone.

House of Representatives approved a bill that would make English as the official language of the government and require that the government preserve and enhance the official status of the language. As a practical matter right now, world-class scholars need to be able to effectively interact with English, just as previously they would have needed to interact also in German and French or before that in Latin.

In the 18th century three writers — Joseph Addison who founded the SpectatorDaniel Defoe who wrote "Robinson Crusoe" and Jonathan Swift "Gulliver's Travels" — wanted to see a committee set up to regulate the language.

It will create national identity.

What languages have influenced English and why? Part 3 – English dominance

The bill proposing to make English as the official language of America is supported by a majority of voters, but oddly enough, it has consistently failed to pass the legislative process.

No wonder the French-speakers of Quebec feel even more threatened by the ubiquity of English. The existence of modern mass communications has made it possible to set up international bodies and organize events on a global scale.

But its elasticity makes it messier, as well as stronger. English transcription has overtaken the Russian form Alexander Lukashenko instead of Belarusian form Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Why was their language and not that of the first Celtic or Roman settlers the one that is established as the base is the aim of this paragraph.

In view of the prestige of the dominant power and its culture, the transfer may not be imposed but actually be demanded by the peoples who adopt the dominant language. Translation linked to the technology that enables computers to recognize and produce speech will lead to automatic interpretation. The film industry grew rapidly in importance after the addition of sound to moving pictureand since the main centre was in Hollywood rather than London, it was American English that was spread with the new medium.

In this case, where the language of the Saxons cannot easily win upon that of the invaders, there is a phenomenon known as pidginisation which means the simplification of Old English.

Then, as a verb, it becomes "set aside," "set up," "set down," "set in," "set on," "set about," "set against" and so on, terms that"leave even native speakers bewildered about [its] core meaning.

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By the end of the 19th century, the British Empire's reach was global, and the language was also becoming global. Before that, up until the 19th century, Latin was the dominant language of science, and before that there was no global dominant language, but regionally dominant languages, e.

Some million people speak it as their first language and perhaps two-thirds as many again as their second. There is thus a tension between the demands of equityleading to the recognition of the importance of several languages, and the convenience of using only one.

Laws try to hold back the tide of insidious Albion on the airwaves. The latter act as a kind of judge, in the sense that they adopt the language which better fits with the political and social situation in a given period of time. Bjork, an Icelander, sings in it.

Such arguments tend to assert what English is and what other languages are not. It thus began its rise as a global language.

But it also helps that Icelanders are intensely proud of both their language and their literature, and the urge to keep them going is strong. But among Hispanics, use of English when consuming news mediatelevision entertainment, music or speaking it is on the rise.Apr 02,  · diego, why english: why do spaniards learn english-why should people of the world learn english-why should native english speaker learn another language Category People & Blogs.

Can English Continue to Be a Dominant Global Language?

If you can speak English, you will probably be able to communicate with someone in just about any major country you could visit.

While not everyone speaks this language, Learn English is truly a dominant language spoken by millions across the globe. FOR WHAT REASONS DID ENGLISH, RATHER THAN LATIN OR ANGLO-NORMAN EMERGE AS THE DOMINANT LANGUAGE OF THE BRITISH ISLES? The purpose of this paper is to analyse the reasons as to why English was eventually stablished as the main language of England.

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THE ENGLISH EFFECT The impact of English, what it’s worth to the UK and why it matters to the world English is the dominant international language of the 21st century. It is spoken at a useful level by some billion people – a quarter of the world’s population. As the language of. At English Conversations we respect and value your privacy.

Therefore, we will never share your personal information, such as your name, email, or I.P. address with any third party. Linguistic Dominance. Words related to the topics of bilingualism, multilingualism, language dominance, language death, language and culture etc.


___ Official and Spoken Languages of the Countries of the Americas and the Caribbean.

globalization (n.) the spread of ideas, culture and technology around the world. mother tongue.

English the dominant language
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